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Ballet Is Fun

Ballet is Fun Tigerband Stretch Bands

Ballet is Fun Tigerband Stretch Bands

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The TigerBand is a premium stretch and strengthening product designed by the same team who created the Official TurnBoard.  

The TigerBand was developed to assist dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts with their ongoing stretching and strengthening exercises. Designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, The TigerBand is constructed with a padded neoprene back cushion, the highest quality rubber tubing, and two adjustable padded ankle cuffs.  Unlike traditional circular resistance bands, The TigerBand's flexible linear design allows for a greater variety of stretches and strength training activities, targeting both the lower and upper body.


- Dramatically improves flexibility, posture, and strength

- Helps you perform deeper stretches and master your splits

- Provides the most comfortable method of resistance training

- Allows for hands-free stretching and strengthening


Tubing length: 32 inches

Back cushion length: 21 inches

Back cushion width: 2 inches

Total length: 45 inches

Ankle cuffs: Velcro adjustable, all sizes from child to adult

One size fits most, recommended for dancers 8+ years of age


The TigerBand has only 50 micrograms or less of water-extractable protein per gram.  This is important since protein in natural rubber can cause severe allergic reactions in those individuals who are allergic to the types of protein found in natural rubber.  This is known as the 'latex allergy.'  No other rubber tubing can claim to have lower protein levels than the TigerBand.

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