Apolla Shocks Alpha with traction

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Why the Alpha Shock?

  • Easily replaces your half-sole dance shoes and provides effective support
  • Highly engineered knit design made with quality performance yarns, creating durable footwear that will outlast any other half-sole dance shoe
  • So light and comfortable, you will forget you are wearing The Alpha on your feet
  • Shows off and accentuates the feet while creating long clean lines
  • Compression helps remove inflammation and improve circulation
  • Snug fit in the toes

Fit & Performance Features

Light compression in the toes for a snug fit

  • Do you prefer your ballet shoes a size too small?
  • Do you like to be able to see every bit of articulation in your feet?
    • Then the Alpha is for you!
  • No more sloppy and floppy toes from an ill-fitting dance shoe


Open heel, seamless design

  • Allows for a natural grip on the floor
  • Perfect if you like the open air on your heel or if you tend to rock back into your heels still


Available in 3 shades of nude & black

  • For bare legs or leggings to complete your line

Moved the seams to the top of the toes. As you land through the tops of your toes and continue to the balls of your feet, there are no seams to irritate and inflame the metatarsals

Apolla 3 A’s Standard Support:

  • Revolutionary Arch Support
    • When you don’t have support in your arch, the force of dancing yanks on the plantar fascia at the insertion points and causes inflammation
    • To keep strong arches, it is good to give them support in class and during recovery
  • Ankle Stability
    • This doesn’t restrict you from building strong ankles…in fact it helps remove inflammation, which can cause pain and force you to stop dancing.
    • More time dancing is what helps to build strength
    • Supportive, not restricting
  • Knit-In Energy Absorption
    • Gives the metatarsals comfort and helps ease your joints when landing jumps
    • This pad on the ball of the feet does not interfere with feeling the floor


Moisture wicking (keep your feet dry)

Anti-microbial (they don’t stink easily)


  • The Alpha offers the traction ONLY on the ball of the foot
  • They are washable
  • You don’t have to wash them as often as a typical sock but unlike your dance shoes, you CAN wash them!
  • For care instructions look on packaging

Apolla Shocks® are anatomically correct. Click here to see how to wear them properly

Soft comfort tab on Achilles tendon provides comfort on the back of your heel


  • The slope of the big toe tells you if it is “Left” or “Right