Fashion-Aid Body Glue

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Instantly secure lingerie straps, strapless, low cut & revealing styles of clothing in place. Fashion-Aid can also be used to secure costumes, body jewellry, stockings and more. This gentle translucent adhesive is hypoallergenic, non- staining and water washable. It's also flexible, moves with your skin instead of pulling it, leaving you feeling confident that clothing is secured. Directions: Roll onto skin, apply generously & wait 10 seconds. Pull clothing up, place on top of rolled adhesive and press firmly to secure. It's best to wait a few minutes for adhesive to adhere. To remove, gently pull clothing away from skin & wash with water. External use only, avoid contact with eyes & discontinue use if irritation occurs. A test on skin & fabric is recommended. Fashion-Aid 10 ml bottle - purse size - up to 50 applications

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